You guys are the best! I had my first Elemental bar at the home of a friend Saturday morning. It was indeed the kind of healthy treat I’ve been looking for. And, thank God, it doesn’t taste like “dust” or “dates,” which most of the others do.” Caroline S.


These bars are amazing!!!! Seriously my new favorite. LOVE LOVE!!! – Stephanie


Hi There! I just wanted to tell you that I tried your Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Seedbar down in LA and it was amazing!!! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Haha. Getting ready to place an online order. :)” – Amber


Hi, Nicole, I had one of your Currant, Cacao and Hemp Superfood Seedbars today for the very first time. I wanted to let you know how wonderful they are! I have been so disappointed in all the “protein” bars out there on the market and found yours to be far superior in every way. I’ve cleaned up my act due to a recent Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. I’m only eating whole foods and am seriously watching my sugar and carb intake. Trying to exercise every day, eat raw, gluten free with very little dairy and red meat. I’m so glad that I walked into this new little juice bar in my little community of San Clemente and found many of your products. I’m sold. Just ordered a box to be sent to me. The perfect snack after my morning walk on the ocean path. Wanted you to know………….thank you!” – Robin L.


Just a quick note to tell you that as a mom of a newly diagnosed diabetic (12 years old) I adore you for creating your products. Thank you! Your products have the kind of carbohydrates I feel comfortable giving my daughter knowing she won't have huge blood sugar swings like a box of juice or bag of skittles like our doc recommends. Thank you from my heart.” – Jen


Nicole, Just a quick note to tell you that we love the seed bars! My wife and I have just started a Vegetarian diet and love having the seed bars with a green drink during the day! Thanks for the wonderful nutrition! We love it!” – David & Kim P.


Hi there! My husband and I are traveling across the country (been on the road for 7 months) with our 3 little kids. Food is a big deal for us. We aren't the stop at McDonald's type. I stock up on bar and snacks whenever we are near a whole foods or natural grocery store of some kind. I was at a little natural food store in joshua tree CA and the woman there recommended your bars. I bought 2 of the dark chocolate peanut butter ones and oh man do I wish I had bought more. I just ate one and LOvED it. Even my daughter, the pickiest of the 3, is going to like these!! Will be on the lookout for more. Well done. :)” – Becky


Hello, Nicole! I'm literally sitting in my car in the parking lot of a Natural Grocers in Denver, Colorado. Moments ago, purchased and opened up your Cranberry+Almond+Lucuma Superfood Seedbar. I was skeptical, but this was a surprise to my pallet! It's so tasty, even has a tad bit of buttery-ness to it. I'm a seed bar/energy bar/protein bar kind of gal, and now that I found this, I have a new go-to. Thank you for living your truth and sharing your story with us! Your daughter serves as a beautiful inspiration to us all - to live better, healthier and more aware--from the heart! Namaste!” – Christine


Hi, I am something of a nutrition bar fanatic and have been on a quest to find the perfect bar. I found it today when I bit into an Elemental dark chocolate + peanut butter bar. WOW! Can't wait to try some of your other flavors! Being gluten-free, I love the use of buckwheat as the main ingredient. The quality of your dark chocolate is excellent! Overall, I love that it's not too sweet, as so many bars are, and fills me up without being too heavy. Great job! Thanks” – Barbara O.


I come from the days when my only choice for a healthy bar was a Power Bar (if you know what I am talking about and remember that brick, you will feel bad for me). When I wanted a real treat I got those little round De La Rosa candies, usually sold in Latino neighborhoods. But your bar is the very best I have ever tasted. It is like a healthy De La Rosa! Some guy at Erewon let my kids try a sample last week and ever since we are addicted. Thank you for a great, great, great product.” – Stefano B.


Just wanted to say thank you for making this amazing organic bar – they are delicious! I saw them as a sample at my local Heinen’s Grocery store and thought they really tasted great compared to some of the other bars out there. I plan to purchase regularly. Great work and best of luck to you!” – Stacey K.


Just wanted to let you know that I love these Dark Chocolate / PB bars….simply amazing. Thank You,” – Saba C.


Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products. I'm a Vegan due to health issue after being exposed to black mold many years ago, which affected my immune system, and over all health... (long story) but I can very much relate to the symptoms your daughter has with autism as, since my exposure to the mold, I have had very similar reactions to the folks I know with autism when I don't eat the right things or am exposed to specific environments, etc. However, years later I have recovered my health and my family and I find so much joy in healthy living and eating. Your Superfood Seed Bars are a daily part of my diet and I can't thank you enough.” – James T.


Hello! I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product!! Your bars are so delicious! I am completely addicted to the mulberry/spirulina ones but I am sure once I try the others I will be addicted to them all!! They are perfect before, during, and after my workouts...especially on really long hikes! I have several allergies that limit what I can eat and most health bars have to much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good things! Thank you so much for making them. I am going to start ordering them by the case from you guys! Thanks again!”  Mia P. 


Hello, I've eaten many seed/nut bars and picked yours up in North Austin, thinking it would be like the others. It wasn't, it was the best BAR I've ever eaten. That includes candy, granola, whatever. Well done! Thank you,” – Mac C.


Hi there! My BFF and I just tried your product, we purchased It at Mothers, and I just have to say Thank you! I love the ones I purchased, and now it is going to be part of my household foods for my husband and myself. Please put me on your list of updates if you put out anything new. Thanks you, I love them” – Debbie H.


Hi Nicole, I have never contacted any company to tell them how much I like their product, till now! Discovered your bars on a trip to Santa Barbara (Lazy Acres Grocery). I don't eat wheat or soy. I loved the bars so much that I just bought a whole bunch online. Thanks for a great product.” – Susan


“Your bars are by far the best raw bars I have ever had!” – Michelle 


My name is Allyson and I wanted to send some praise to your elemental-raw bar. I usually avoid health bars due to the high calories and sugar content. I also can't control myself. Once I had one cliff bar, I then I needed two more. Even though they are organic, the first ingredient is sugar. Last week, my masseuse was eating an elemental-raw bar and gave me a bite. It was perfectly sweet with just a hint of salt. I read the ingredients and nutritional value and I was impressed. I think it is the healthiest bar I have come across. I bought two from woodlands market and for the first time I didn't devour a bar. I saved the dark chocolate-peanut butter bar over three days. This was a first for me, to really savor a treat. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 16 and eating to live is a top focus of mine.Thank you for making such a delicious and healthy bar! Compliments to the chef. – Allyson 


These bars are amazing!!!! I love your bars! My doctor turned me on to them…she has them as a snack instead of sugar-loaded protein bars. I cannot get over how delicious they are! I am raving about them to my friends… especially busy moms! Thanks for making a great product that we can share with our kids and be worry-free. – Patricia


Hi Nicole, I eat one of your bars every single day! They are truly delicious and your story is amazing and inspirational. I eventually would like to study nutrition, specifically holistic nutrition and food as medicine, and your story and products inspire me even more to do so :) Thanks again and I wish you all the best! – Pamela


Dear Nicole, Thank you for making such a high quality, delicious, easily transportable food available! So many “healthy” snacks are not truly healthy or do not taste good, so we are delighted to find your products. My husband and I have a 4 year old daughter, and sometimes we really need something good to eat fast! (or suffer the consequences!) Thank you for helping other moms! – Laura W.


Hi Nicole, I LOVE your dark chocolate seed bars. My daughter lives in LA and the store where she gets them is ALWAYS running out. Congrats on your business and thanks for helping SO many. My grandson is a special needs child and is gluten/dairy free. Keep up the wonderful work developing products. – Sandy


Hi Nicole, We met a few months ago in Venice, we sat across from each other. You told me about your bars after I explained my history of an unsettled stomach for years. I went to whole foods and tried them and cannot believe what a life changer they have been. I have had one every day since we met and it has made a huge difference in my life. My stomach has never been more content. I recently went a week without the bars because of a business trip and everything went out of sorts again. I am leaving again this week for a long business trip and want to buy bars in bulk. Thank you so much for your help! And for creating such a wonderful product. It really has been a life saver! Best!” – Kristina R.


Hi Nicole, I just want thank you for your product. Elemental bars are a heaven send!! After having spent the better part of my childhood struggling with chronic lyme disease, I have been left with lots of stomach issues, am unable to digest dairy, soy, most grains (but not buckwheat! yahoo!), and my body has an extremely adverse reaction to sugar. I’m now a college student and I have been struggling to find snacks to bring to school. Hummus and raw broccoli gets old really quickly haha. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across elemental bars and they’ve rocked my world. The cranberry, almond and lucuma bar…. OMG SO DELICIOUS and I can digest them and feel well after eating them!!!!! Thank you so much for your brilliant creations!!!! I read the story about you and your daughter and it reminded me a lot of my mom and I. Now that I’m out of the house (and on the other side of the country!) I really miss her taking such good care of my dietary restrictions and the snacks she used to make me… Another reason I wanted to write you a thank you note, moms like you need to be acknowledged. I just mailed my mom some elemental bars, I can’t wait for her to try them she is going to FLIP!!! – Paige M.


Hi Nicole, I absolutely LOVE your granola. I stopped at SunLife in Malibu yesterday and ate the whole bag. Thank you for caring about what we put into our bodies. It makes me very happy to find people and companies such as yourself. I am wild excited to try your other creations! – Renee


Hello, I recently tried your dark chocolate and peanut butter bar and it is the best thing ever! Truly delicious, tastes like real food, and just the right amount of sweet earthy flavor. Many thanks, – Karen Erlichman


I am absolutely in awe of this seedbar. I am a twenty-two year vegan and a ten-year 100% raw vegan, and I have never had anything of a shelf with this kind of purity, balance, and deliciousness. Such elite nutrition! What an absolute culinary miracle of sacred nourishment! – Tristan


Hi Nicole, I discovered your products at SFO on a business trip and was delighted to find that I could order them on your website! They are the best commercial gluten-free/casein-free snack option I’ve come across in a long time, possibly ever. I make a similar item from scratch when I have time, but I travel a lot for work and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, as I’m sure you know! While there are other gf/df items on the market that I can technically tolerate, they are made with sugar and other garbage ingredients and they taste terrible. Thank you for making these nutritious items available for someone like me to purchase!” – Julie Graham


I was recently introduced to your dark choc pb bar, and it's FANTASTIC! What a find! Not only is it non-gmo, gf, and almost vegan, it's delicious and healthy! How fortunate to taste a masterpiece without preservatives~ well done! I look forward to my next seed bar encounter. – A loyal fan ~ Carol


Have I told you that, as a recently diagnosed Type One Diabetic, your bars are the best thing I've found for keeping my blood sugar stable and also being totally enjoyable? If not, I should have.  – Ranae H.